Covid-19 Precautions & Policies


CKids Gan Israel will be opening in accordance with Phase 1 of Gov. DeSantis’ Plan for Florida’s recovery and will adhere to all guidelines of the State of Florida Health Department.

  • If your child has an underlying medical condition, please contact us prior to enrollment to ensure you are fully aware of and comfortable with all activities in which our camp will be engaging.

  • Parents of registered campers will all receive a mandatory questionnaire to determine possible exposures to Covid-19. CKids reserves the right to reject any applicant if such results are deemed unsatisfactory. Parents will be required to do pre-screening and report any symptoms before camp begins.

  • CKids will only be accepting campers who reside in the Florida region and are arriving at camp by car. Travel to camp by plane or other methods of public transportation is prohibited and will disqualify the camper from attending.

  • Campers and counselors will remain on the campgrounds; there won’t be trips or outings. No visitors will be allowed.   

  • On the first day, before entering the campgrounds, Health staff will conduct screenings which will include a check for symptoms and temperature of each individual camper. Upon satisfactory findings, the camper will be admitted to the CKids campgrounds. No parent or camper will be allowed to enter the campgrounds prior to health screening.

  • Camp staff members are currently receiving training and will implement the following protective measures:

    • Healthy hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes.

    • Intensify cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation.

    • Minimize equipment sharing, and clean and disinfect shared equipment between use by different people.

  • Camp health staff will conduct regular symptom screening and monitoring. If a camper or staff member does test positive for Covid-19, we will contact the Palm Beach County Health Department who will conduct contact tracing and instruct us on the next steps in accordance with the situation. Cancelation of the camp session for all campers may be necessary.


In addition to the above Florida Health Department guidelines, CKids will make efforts to implement the relevant CDC guidance with regard to the safe and feasible operation of summer camp during these times.

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