There’s always that one summer that changes you.

Our Mission

Every child is an entire world. At CKids Gan Israel we strive to harness their infinite potential through unconditional love, support and personal attention. A Summer spent in Ckids Gan Israel ignites the spark of Judaism that resides within every single camper, allowing authentic Jewish pride to become the cornerstone of their lives.

Camp Features

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Water Sports

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Grand Trips

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In-House Entertainments



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Fine Arts

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Weekly Shabbat Experiences

A time to connect, experience, and explore!

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Full session

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Second session

July 5 - 24

June 5 - 14

June 15 - 24

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Community Service

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Land Sports

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Special Events


My son absolutely loved camp. The activities were so many, and so engaging and age appropriate, that he can not even say which was his favorite! The cabin mates were all friendly and kind to each other and no teenage fights took place. He was sad when camp was over, but is looking forward to next summer!

- Yael V. (parent)


My son could not stop talking about the wonderful time he had. He made new friends across the state that he speaks with regularly now. He has been singing the songs from camp around the house! Amazing experience and wonderful counselors. - 

- Moshe M.


Jonathan says that he had an Amazing time in camp. He says that he wished camp could be an entire Month long. Jonathan described fun activities, great counselors, and “five star quality delicious food”. 

- Joel (parent)