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Our Mission

CKids Gan Israel FL is a premier Jewish overnight camp that provides the optimal environment for every camper to grow, thrive, and flourish for the rest of their lives. From the moment campers arrive, they are taken in by the infectious positive energy of the camp environment. Free from technology and external distractions and pressures, their days are filled with carefree exploration and discovery of both themselves and the world around them. There are endless opportunities to be found in the dozens of recreational activities that are offered throughout camp for campers to develop new talents and strengthen their athletic abilities. Throughout the experience, campers foster positive social growth in a safe and nurturing environment while forging life-long Jewish friendships. At our core is the belief that every child is an entire world, and we strive to harness their infinite innate potential through unconditional love, support, and personal attention. A Summer spent in CKids Gan Israel FL ignites the spark of Judaism that resides within every single camper. The campers become more in tune with their Jewish identity and allow authentic Jewish pride to become the cornerstone of their lives. 


Our Founder

Camp Gan Israel was founded a half a century ago by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. It was established with the vision to create a safe, nurturing environment in which children would be enveloped in a positive atmosphere infused with a Jewish spirit.

Today, Gan Israel camps comprise the largest network of Jewish camps in the world. Each summer, more than 120,000 children attend branches throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Israel, South Africa, and Australia. 
This camp was established with the Rebbe’s inspiration and is guided by his revolutionary vision. We strive to give that unconditional love that the Rebbe showed to every Jew to every single child who walks into our camp. 

The Directors

Rabbi Levi and Chaya Plotkin serve as the directors of CKids Gan Israel FL and work tirelessly throughout the  year to ensure that every single camper who attends the camp has a positive, safe, and thrilling experience. The Plotkins are driven by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s love for every single Jew coupled with the example that their parents set for them as they grew up on Shlichus, as Chabad Emissaries in Toronto (Levi) and New York (Chaya).
From as long as Levi can remember, camp has been his happy place- first as a camper, then as a counselor, then as the Head Counselor of the largest Chabad overnight camp, and now as the director of CKids Gan Israel FL. Levi is passionate about Jewish education and is a firm believer that it should be exciting, engaging and interactive. This is evidenced through the creation and direction of Connection Point, a curriculum that is used in Chabad Schools and communities around the globe. Levi enjoys working with children and brings his infectious, positive energy with him wherever he goes.


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Chaya has spent many summers serving as a counselor, head counselor, and director in Jewish day camps throughout the continental United States. She is known for her dedication to every project she undertakes, her attention to detail, and her commitment to the highest of standards plays a major role in the reputation that CKids Gan Israel FL has maintained since its inception. Her extensive experience in scheduling and coordinating camp logistics serve her well as she is the one who painstakingly curates the perfect schedules so that every single camper can enjoy a day that is perfectly balanced and exceptionally exciting, every system runs smoothly, and every single person, camper, parents or staff member who interacts with CKids Camp Gan Israel FL leaves with a positive, uplifting experience. 
Throughout the year (when she isn’t working on camp) Chaya also serves as an elementary school teacher. She is passionate about Jewish education and creating an environment in which children can use their unique personalities and talents to thrive and to provide an environment that encourages them to be the best that they can be.
Chaya brings this same energy into her work at camp as she takes care that every single camper and staff member is given the space, opportunities, and tools they need to shine.

Our Grounds

Summer Program


CKids Gan Israel FL has moved to accommodate our growing registration and is now located on a sprawling campground in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Our brand new grounds are open, expansive, and filled to the brim with blooming nature, hiking trails, and many additional recreational activities for our campers to enjoy all summer long! Our on-site lake is perfect for boating and swimming and our indoor gym provides the perfect environment for the boys to let out their energy in the event of rainy weather. There is also a high ropes course, a rock climbing wall, an archery range, and multiple sports fields scattered throughout the site. 

Winter Program

Nestled in the radiant warmth of South Florida, our winter program at CKids Gan Israel FL is perfect for our local Floridians and for those travelling from colder regions to spend their winter break in the beautiful sunshine. Between our inviting onsite outdoor pool, exhilarating high ropes course and zipline, and expansive sports fields, your child is in for an invigorating and refreshing experience amidst the beautiful outdoors of South Florida,


Our Staff

Our staff consists of extraordinary, competent, and qualified individuals who want to give back and make a difference. They were specifically selected for their warmth, experience, positive energy, and love and knack for dealing with children. They are trustworthy, responsible, and all of them are trained in CPR and First Aid. Our staff undergo intensive and extensive training before the beginning of camp to prepare them to lead the campers through an exhilarating summer in a safe and supportive environment. Our low camper-to-staff ratio ensures that each child will have the highest quality supervision along with caring and attentive guidance. 

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Is CKids Gan Israel for you?

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Are you a Jewish boy in 4th-8th grade?
Yes? Cool, so far so good!
Do you wish to experience your Jewish heritage in a happy and exciting environment?
Still yes? Getting warmer!
Are you looking to connect with other like minded boys who are your age?
You are?! Keep reading.
Are you looking to spend this summer having a blast, trying new experiences, making friends, and growing as a person?
Great! Sounds like you’re the perfect fit!

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