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It’s a Sweet Life 

The unbridled joyous energy at Ckids Gan Israel FL is unmatched. The bubble of positivity that surrounds the campers is incredibly contagious and leaves no one untouched!

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The Sky's the Limit .jpg

The Sky’s The Limit

Campers are encouraged to explore new frontiers and reach new heights with daily recreational activities led by professional teachers and coaches.

The constant stream of top of the line activities will keep our campers occupied, active and happy from day break to lights out. At Ckids Gan Israel FL it’s all about unplugging from the fast paced world and its pressures, learning to live in the moment, and connecting with the awesome people around you.

Unplug. Tap In.

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We. Are. A. Family #1.jpg

We. Are. A. Family.

It’s true! At Ckids Gan Israel FL, strangers become friends who become family. The tremendous shift from that very first ice breaker until the last good-bye is a sight to behold!

Spend the Summer exploring your soul and what makes it tick! Discover your rich heritage and experience the magic of spending Shabbat at CKids Gan Israel FL!

Just Jew It!

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The Empowered Camper #5.jpg

The Empowered Camper

Every camper who leaves CKids Gan Israel FL leaves a more confident kid, a more inspired kid and ready to use their newly discovered inner talents and leadership skills to become the positive change that the world so desperately needs!

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