How are campers assigned to bunks?

Campers are grouped by ages. Parents can request a bunkmate and we will do our utmost to accommodate every request while giving every camper an opportunity to meet new friends. 


How will my child get to camp?

Children will need to be dropped off and picked up from camp. Camp will not be providing transportation at this time. Due to COVID-19 we will be designating a special area for drop-offs and pick-ups in the vicinity. 


How is the food in camp?

Camp employs a full time chef to provide delicious and healthy meals for your children plus scrumptious homemade snacks and treats. Our food and snacks are exclusively Kosher. A fully stocked canteen will be available for campers to order extra snacks in the morning and delivered during rest period. There will be plenty of snacks and beverages available throughout the day. 


Will I be allowed to visit camp?

Due to the situation with COVID-19, camp will not be able to allow any visitors on site. There will be no exceptions. 

How can I contact my son during camp?

Campers will only be able to call home on Friday afternoon. Parents can email their children at camper@ckidsganisrael.com. Emails will be printed daily and distributed by lunchtime. 

How does laundry work?

Camp will provide laundry service one time during camp. Detergent will be provided. 


What is camp’s Cell Phone Policy?

We discourage sending cell phones to camp. Campers that do bring cell phones to camp will be asked to hand them into the counselors.


What shouldn’t my son bring to camp?

There is a recommended packing list available on the website. We strongly discourage parents from sending any expensive electronics or clothing items. Camp will not be responsible for any personal belongings that are lost or broken. 


Do I need to send extra spending money?

Campers may want to bring a small amount of money for canteen and souvenirs.

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